Large Up, Mawga Bwoy!

In my best Patoi, here goes. I an' I man bawn pon di Rock. Is 'ow white bwoy come from dung deh suh? Mi nah know. All mi know is mi happy fi live up yah suh. Zeen? Rahtid.

M. G. Bruce Robertson

  • Jamaican-born, Newfoundland-raised, Calgary-based creative chomping at the bit and eager to start a new project.

    Bruce is a visual artist and a website design and multimedia aficionado. He likes to sink his teeth into new media projects which require stimulating, visual design and modern development practices.

    From the dot-com boom-and-burst to the present day, this kid has 18+ years of professional experience, so you know he’s got some chops. He is always happy to hear from potential clients, and he is very open to inquires and stories. So, what do you say? Let’s communicate.

    Rogue Facts:
    • He likes riding a bicycle.
    • He has no criminal record.
    • He does not play guitar.

  •   Aaron McCoulough
      Aaron McCoulough
Go ahead; make mistakes. Explore. Learn.
   In your quest for knowledge, avoid jabbing knives into power outlets.

Instagram that [expletive deleted]

Digital vs. Tactile?

Working with websites and code and social media and Photoshop and After Effects and Illustrator, ad nauseum, truly is super-fun and I love it. What also gets my valves pumping is getting messy. Pencils and paint and no Undo button. Embracing mistakes as the catalyst for creating something new and unplanned. And using paint straight from the tube like a monkey is wonderful.

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Chirpy Chirp

O, Twitter, you used to have my attention at a time. What happened to us? We used to be so good together. Sigh! Alas, we are no more.

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