Hello. I’m Bruce. I make stuff.

Print design. Web design. Web development. 3D modeling. Drawing. Painting. Animation. One could go on, but the short of it is this — I enjoy making stuff. When in the ‘zone’ (I know you know what I’m talking about), the creative satisfaction derived therefrom is similar regardless of the medium. Esoteric? Hackneyed? No matter. Thanks for dropping by. It’s nice to have guests.

An individual superorganism


What had once been pure play has evolved into a profession. This whole beast started with drawing.


“It’s great and I really like it, but can you change it to be purple instead?” Why, of course I can. It’s my job.


I’m no programer, but I do mess around with code. I know enough to be functionally dangerous.

Optimism & Aptitude

A good attitude…and some chops? They have those? Let me talk to this Robertson fellow.

Why me?

Well, shucks, I am a keen breed of visual communicator who is focused on delivering outstanding digital solutions. And, I’m a pleasant chap with a decent sense of humour, the kind of guy you’d party with after work. Modesty aside, and with respect to professionalism, from conception to completion, I go to the nth degree to make sure you are happy with your project.

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What’s all the buzz about?
More glowing praise and flowery testimonials are forthcoming. One ought be patient when begging for this kind of thing.

Online footprint

“Be careful how you behave in public, for you may very well end up on the Internet.” — Bruce Robertson, 2018. Anyone has the potential to display poor form, as we are fallible creatures; however, it is wise to adopt a protocol of politeness and friendly outwardness when broadcasting oneself to the world.

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